Recent Testimonials
"In the last 6 months my life has changed forever, for the better. Huge thanks to Rick Broider for helping me awaken my consciousness & reach a... ... Read More     Anonymous - California

Recent Testimonials
"Our session with you has given us great clarity and a useful perspective that we wouldn't have come to ourselves. Thank you for this. I think... ... Read More     Anonymous - Florida

Recent Testimonials
"I contacted Rick to talk about exploring options sexually with my boyfriend who I've been with for seven years. I was very nervous and shy to... ... Read More     Anonymous - New Hampshire

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several reasons that people reach out to our Open Life Coaching.  Here are some triggers that cause most people to contact us:

  • You don't feel like your partner is listening anymore.
  • You and your partner are having a hard time reaching compromise.
  • You no longer invision a positive future.
  • You have that "Stuck" feeling.
  • Seems you and your partner is having the same fight, over and over.
  • You're startign to feel alone and unsupported in your relationship
  • You're having trust issues

 Our clients are geograpicaly dispersered all over the world.  As such, coaching sessions are conducted via Skype or Phone, and sometimes via text message at the choice of our clients.  

Upon booking your session, you will be sent information on how to initate you connection to your coach. 

Our pricing model really sets us apart . We charge the absolute bare minimum to cover our time. Why? Because we really are interested in helping people. Here's how it works:

Payment information will be collected and charged by your coach at the beginning of your first billable session. Subsequent sessions will be charged after the appointment is booked. Refund and Cancellation Policies can be reviewed in our terms of service.

Life Coach Pricing

Open Life Coaching has a very flexible structure and is driven solely by your needs. Coaching is conducted over the telephone or Skype at a convenient time for you.  Coaching can also be done primarily by email as well.

There are two common ways that we communicate with our Clients:
Telephone and

Upon booking, you will receive an appointment confirmation email from us containing your Coach's Phone Number and Skype Contact Username.

Preparing for a Skype Conference Call (Prior to your Scheduled Appointment)